I am a minimalist. I am a city-girl. I am a foodie-snob — chef's daughter. My yorkie has a mohawk and a spiked collar. I was born on a leap year. My husband is a musician. My closet is the window into my inner O.C.D. soul. In my spare time I can be found obsessively Pintresting, reading Dwell, or Museum hopping. My most recent fear is that real-life bookstores will vanish and we will all be trapped in a paper-cut-less world with eyes glued to tiny glowing screens.


I am currently available for freelance projects. Please contact me for rates and schedule. If you are a Chicagoan, I'd love to meet in person. For clients in other parts of the country or abroad, I still would love to see your face or hear your voice via skype. Visit my contact page for details on how to reach me.

Full Time / Contract

I am available for full time or on-site contract work if it's the right fit. Culture and collaboration are very important, so let's meet and see if we are a match. Please see my contact page for my many modes of communication, choose which suites you best, and give me a holler.